Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Pre-K Class Curriculum:

During the Pre-K year we continue to foster the development of social skills: sharing, taking turns both with items and in speaking, waiting in a line, listening as others speak, and following directions.  These skills become more important as they increase their knowledge and prepare for kindergarten. 

We also begin to add new academic skills to the curriculum.  The Pre-K homeroom classes follow the Handwriting Without Tears® Curriculum, which is a Kindergarten-Readiness program used by the Fairfax County Public Schools.  Some of our goals for the Pre-Kindergarten program are as follows:

  • Focus on daily learning experiences that help children to communicate verbally, interact with their peers, participate in problem-solving activities, and think critically.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop a love of books, identify sounds, rhyme words, and develop letter-sound relationships.
  • Learn to sequence events, categorize groups of items, and make comparisons.  
  • Promote writing development via the Handwriting Without Tears® Curriculum, which starts with learning the straight letters first, followed by the curved and then the slanted letters.  The children will learn to write upper- and lower-case letters.  
  • Learn and practice the sounds that each letter makes.  
  • The children will learn to recognize and write their first and last names.  
  • Become familiar with numbers.  Learn to write the numbers from 0 to 20.  They will learn to create groups of items to correspond with the numbers.  
  • The children will learn to count to 100.  
  • Gain knowledge about themselves as individuals, and as members of a family, a community, and the world, through our All About Me posters and weekly Show and Tell.
  • Encourage student’s creativity and higher-level thinking.
  • Students will learn the Pledge of Allegiance and its meaning.  

All activities are planned and supervised by experienced teachers who encourage and motivate the child in the development of his/her individual strengths. Numerous activities are provided for the creation of responsible, cooperative peer relationships.

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Cartoon Girl Jumping
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